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NdFeB Magnets

a-7526-09NdFeB magnets are available in both sintered and bonded forms. Sintered NdFeB offers the highest magnetic properties (33 MGOe to 51 MGOe) while Bonded NdFeB offers lower energy properties

AlNiCo Magnet

1Alnico alloys are composed primarly of Cobalt, Nickel, and Aluminum with the addition of Iron, Copper, and sometimes Titanium that help make them become stronger permanent magnets.

SmCo Magnet

a-1899-39Samarium Cobalt rare-earth (SmCo) magnets are manufactured by using powder metallurgy techniques which include stringent process controls and complicated heat

Ferrite Magnets

a-1899-05Ferrite flexible magnets have been available for over 25 years. The flexibility and ease of machining of these materials permit design innovations .

Magnet Powder

500750920The properties of permanent magnets generally include a Rare-Earth metal, as well as Iron (Fe) and Boron (B). More commonly used rare-earth metal is Neodymium (Nd).

Magnetic Assembly

magnetic-seperatorStrong permanent magnetic tubes fixed onto a framework. When anything containing iron/steel substances passes through the framework.


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