Bonded NdFeB


Bonded NdFeB


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Tiny Rotors with shaft

Bonded NdFeB magnet are made by using isotropic Neodymium, Iron, and Boron materials.  Combinations of different elemental grades are used to create specific magnetic properties. Compression bonded magnets offers higher magnetic strength than injection molded magnets, due to their higher magnetic particle density, but is unfortunately limited to simple geometric shapes due to the compaction process. The epoxy used is very resistant to normal industrial solvent and automotive fluids.The normal applications of these magnets range from below -40℃ and beyond 165℃.

Why choose Bonded NdFeB Magnet?

1. High quantity and even volume manufacturing, with up to million pieces per year.

2. High accuracy in size.
The bonded magnet may be formed into magnetic components of relatively complicated shapes.

3. Single-time molding and multi-poles orientation.

4. The injection molded magnet has a high mechanical strength and may be molded together with other matching parts.

5. Effective surface treatment to prevent corrosion.
Good corrosion-resistance and nice surface: The product is coated with epoxy resin parylene-coating and the anti-corrosion is very good. The surface is smooth, clean and even with no bubbles, cracks, or chips.

6. Stable working temperature.
The working temperature is up to 150℃.

7. Excellent magnetic properties.
The energy product is 3 times as large as anisotropic ferrite. The intrinsic coercive force is high. During the large-scale production, the magnetic properties are stable and the conformity is good.

8. Application to Bonded NdFeB.
Widely applied in all kinds of mini-motors, auto motors, air-conditioner motors, automatic controlling devices, sensors, drivers, telecom and instrument industry.