Cow magnets

Everyone thinks of the great scene of cows out grazing in a beautiful pasture. Cows eat grass and have a really amazing multi compartmental stomach that allows them to be productive on this food source.

The bottom front part of it’s stomach lies against the diaphragm and the heart and unfortunately, when eating grass they sometimes ingest old pieces of wire fences, nails, bits of discarded cans, etc. from barn floors, pastures or wire fencing.

If the cow swallows something foreign, it drops to the bottom front of her stomach.  Through all the powerful churning of her digestive system as the grass is digested, these pieces of metal can work themselves through the wall of the stomach and into her lungs or heart, leaking digestive juices into the bloodstream which can cause infections that can be fatal to the cow.

But for scores of years, veterinarians and farmers have known that if you have a cow swallow a large smooth magnet, the magnet will also fall to the bottom front of her stomach.  It will remain here, often for years, and attract the pieces of metal so that they do not penetrate the stomach wall.    Having seen old magnets taken from cows that died by other means, there is sometimes an amazing number of dangerous looking metal objects trapped on the magnet.


Cow magnet 1


Cow magnet 2


Cow magnet 3


Cow magnet 4


Cow magnet 5


Cow magnet 6


Cow magnet 7


Cow magnet 8

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